Watershow Szczecin

Water Show Szczecin is an event accompanying the PYROMAGIC International Fireworks Festival 2016, which takes place on 11th-12th August 2017. It features spectacular water sports shows and water acrobatics. The event offers an awe-inspiring spectacle and breath-taking acrobatic stunts, or, to put it brief – it is the most amazing water show ever put together in Szczecin!

Water Show Szczecin 12 August 2017 – Chrobry Embankment


High Diving is the acrobatic dive into water from the height of 27 meters. This new discipline is treated as extreme sports. It is highly likely that High Diving will be included in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The spectacular, dazzling quality of High Diving was responsible for including it for the first time as an aquatic discipline in the 2013 FINA World Championships held in Barcelona. Men dive from 27 meters, whereas women dive from 20 meters. High diving shows – a true ecstasy for the eye – gather sometimes up to 80.000 spectators!



Flyboard is a new and very trendy extreme sport which has attracted lots of enthusiasts around the world in a jiffy!

FlyBoard was originally designed to swim with the dolphins, but amateurs of strong sensations found a wider use for this ingenious device. During the Szczecin Water Show 2016 leading European and Polish flyboarders will present their skills. Their astonishing shows include acrobatics done over water, at 16 m height.


Moreover, there is a number of other amazing supporting shows.

  • Jet-Ski acrobatic show performed by one of the best jet-ski acrobatic team in the world.
  • Wakeboard and water ski acrobatic shows.


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