Firefighter Combat Challenge

The Chrobry Embankment will again be the venue of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, with firefighters coming from all over the world: many EU countries, the U.S, and Poland. From the morning onwards, you are welcomed to watch the stamina and unusual fitness demonstrated by a few hundred firefighters.

„8th" Szczecin Firefighter Combat Challenge 2018

Firefighter Combat Challenge is a challenge for the toughest of fighters which attracts more and more enthusiasts every year. 

During the competition the firemen perform a series of physically tough tasks. Wearing full gear (PPE, that is protective equipment such as helmet, coat, pants, gloves) they will have to face the following challenges:

  • carry a 19 kg hose roll to the top of a 12m high tower,
  • move 1.5 meter a 72.5kg  steel bar using a shot mallet,
  • negotiate a 40m slalom course and run dragging a charge hose line for 30 m, afterwards lift and drag backwards a 79kg mannequin for a distance of 30 m.

The competition is conducted in age groups, as well as female, male and mixed tandem teams.

The idea of the Challenge was imported from North America where what was meant as a way for firefighters to maintain their fitness turned into a well-structured challenge. The tasks, such as races, which simulate the physical demands of real-life firefighting and their dynamism make it an attention-capturing, emotion-evoking event.

Moreover, there are lots of fun games and activities awaiting kids. Children will have the chance to try their hand at special course in an adult-like competition. They will have the opportunity to climb  an inflatable bouncy castle, move a load with a hammer, perform tasks with the use of a water charged firefighter hose and mannequin. Specially sized PPE – protection gear – to fit child participants has been prepared for this occasion. In the previous years, even the chance to try on a helmet and firefighter uniform was quite an attraction for the kids and their parents who couldn’t stop pressing the shutter button on their cameras. 


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